Title: Associate Pastor


Work with church council members and other key leadership to carry out the mission and purpose of the church; Conduct religious worship services for Korean congregation; Prepare and deliver sermons and other discussions for youth and young adult groups in English and Korean; Provide spiritual counseling and moral guidance to congregation members; Plan and direct Bible study classes and discipleship training program; Assist and support senior pastor in planning mission programs, evangelical outreach events and community service; Confer with church members to encourage support for and participate in Christian education activities; Assist and support senior pastor in coordinating and monitoring various church ministry activities. 


Minimum Job Requirements:

Master’s degree in Divinity

Fluency in Korean language required (Associate Pastor is required to perform worship and other religious services in Korean)


Rate of Pay: $37,357 yr


Hours: F/T. 45hrs/wk


Location: Columbia, SC


Benefits: Paid Holidays, Vacations, and Sick Leave 


If interested in the position, apply to Columbia Presbyterian Mission Church. Please send your resume to cpmchurchcareers@gmail.com.